What is OXWAY


What does OXWAY mean?

In 1906, during a guess-the-weight contest, hundreds of people guessed the weight of a slaughtered and dressed ox. Few people came close to guessing correctly, but when all the guesses were added together, and the mean was calculated, the collective guess was 1197 pounds. The correct weight? 1198 pounds! Then WEIGHT becomes WAY– a cooperative path to achieve unexpected goals.

What does crowd consulting mean?

Crowd consulting means extracting any unexploited knowledge of many, unify competences and combine opinions to reach a valuable final result. Crowd consulting is a tool for finding solution in a non conventional way. We seek the answer in a wide pool of people with different backgrounds and attitudes rather than in a one single expert.

Who can contribute?

Everyone! The OXWAY platform is based on the idea that everyone can grant a contribution and the sum of all the knowledge is what makes the final result. If you have an opinion, you are the expert.

Contributor can be as many or as few people as appropriate, but normally a minimum of 30 people are needed to get the best insight.

What is the Crowd Meeting Technology® (CMT®)?

This is how we make things work. CMT® is an algorithm that manages the challenge.
It grants additional inside information to better understand the discussion flow and the best contributors.

What can OXWAY be used for?

Use the open innovation to develop new products/services
Get ideas about how to improve existing products/services
Improve internal processes based on all stakeholder needs
Involve internal & external resources in the creative processes
Increase the engagement of employees.

Oxway can be used for different scenarios. On the one hand companies and organizations can use the platform to communicate and discuss internal issues with their stakeholders. On the other hand open innovation projects can be posted on OXWAY.co, reaching a broad audience and getting unbiased and anonymous ideas and opinions. The final results will be provided in a detailed report.

The final results will be provided in a detailed report.

Is there any rewards for the participants?

This actually depends on each single challenge. Some companies may offer different types of rewards, please check the description of the challenge before engaging in it. You will find all the information you need.

How long must my proposal be?

It depends on the challenger. Common sense and the need to make a clear proposal should guide you. It’s important to be effective and to deliver your opinion.

Is there an interaction with other members?

Not through a one-to-one or a group chat at least. The interaction will happen within the discussion and comments when everyone need to have the chance to see what is going on and help the group to achieve the best possible result.

"Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric."

Bertrand Russell