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The effective meeting room

Our mission is to produce collaborative insights through gathering, extracting and validating distributed knowledge.

OXWAY is a digital consulting service that enables mass participation in solving challenges, creates imaginative solutions, produces workable analytics and builds stakeholder engagement and commitment to the solution.

Who knows from whom the next big idea will originate?

  1. 1. The seeds: your issues and resources

    This is the starting point to grow solutions.We will help you set up an Oxway Challenge which is the main problem, question or goal that you are trying to reach. We also help you define the appropriate amount of resources, time frame and reward policy to be used during the Challenge.

  2. 2. The tools: our online meeting room

    The online platform, driven by our algorithm Crowd Meeting Technology® is the proper place to gather and custom profile the people, then let them work and perform at their best in an unbiased environment.

  3. 3. The harvest: our data report

    Our most important characteristic is the skills that we have developed in order to make sense of the information and knowledge generated during the process, matching them with the custom profiled users.

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  1. Get straight insights from each challenge.

  2. Find effective solutions with our data analysis.

  3. Obtain actionable feedback.

  4. Foster open innovation.



  1. Make the difference on real world challenges.

  2. Boost your reputation by proposing effective solutions.

  3. Win the challenge and get real rewards.

  4. Keep your mind sharp.

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"Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric."

Bertrand Russell

Team Oxway

Mattia Percudani

CEO and Co-Founder. Economist by study with a working background in Investment Banking. Fifteen years between Deutsche Bank and Citigroup as Managing Director.Keen amateur athlete with a focus on Ironman racing. London based.

20 years experience.

Fabrizio Gasparetto

Co-Founder and Product Development. Degree in Philosophy of Science. TV industry veteran. Head writer and director, project coordinator, chief creative officer. Focus on creating teams and training foreign teams to develop formats from other countries. Passionate about track days.

20 years experience.

Luca Cioria

Software engineer MSc and Researcher. Involved in tech projects, both for fun and work, he loves making stuff, especially when the things he makes work well and require minimum effort. Sales Engineer at Google. Back living in Milan (for the moment).

4 years experience.

Massimiliano Grassi

Data Scientist and M.Sc. in Psychology. Involved in scientific research and data for 10 years, with a human touch. His motto (borrowed by R S Wurman): "I don't believe in big data. I believe in big understandings".

Passionate of tech stuff and innovations since when 3 years old. Previous experience in entrepreneurship and music lover, writer and player.

Nevine Motiramani

Business Development. Master of Business Administration (MBA) with working experience in Business Development and Consulting. Her focus is on promoting the OXWAY services internationally and coordinating the BD team and the customer relationship management. Loves traveling, cultures and languages. German citizen.

4 years experience.

Bill Patterson

Senior management consultant and start-up enthusiast. PhD in Strategy Management, MBA and MSc in chemical engineering . His focus is on working towards the next generation of management advisory services and sees Oxway as critical step to enabling the future of management consulting. Lives in London.

28 years experience.